My 2021 Sustainability Goals

The new year is the time to start good habits to change for the better! Every year I make goals regarding fitness, education, and general lifestyle. For today’s post, I wanted to share some of my sustainability goals for 2021 and inspire you to make some as well.

1. Reducing my Cow Milk Intake

When I turned 18 years old, I decided to become vegetarian as it was a significant way to aid the environment. In the past years, the plant-based movement has picked up immensely in this generation, which is great to see. A lot of young adults are vegans, vegetarians or at least avoid consuming meat and dairy. Having a vegetarian diet means 2.5 times fewer carbon emissions than a meat diet – that’s a huge amount!  After learning about how dairy cattle are treated and, the horrifying facts about the dairy industry, one of my main goals for 2021 is to reduce my cow milk intake gravely. When comparing carbon emissions released by species, diary cattle are the second highest emission producers after beef cattle (as seen in picture below). To achieve this goal, I will continue to drink oat milk when I’m home as I find it is a great substitute. However, avoiding milk in sugary treats such as chocolates is difficult for people with a sweet tooth such as me. I hope to tackle this by eating dark chocolate and by making an effort in finding Fairtrade chocolate to support sustainable practices. Concerning cheese, I will eat mainly goat cheese as it does not contribute as much to emissions due to the fewer demand for it. There are so many great cheese substitutes which I also wish to try in the new year.


2.      2. Creating a more Sustainable Routine

The zero-waste movement has also picked up a lot in the past years as people become more aware of all the waste they create every day. I am generally conscious of what I throw away by trying to buy reusable items and quality products which will last longer. However, I have noticed that my everyday routine creates a lot of waste which I could cut down on. Firstly, I use several tissues specifically during winter when my nose is often sniffly. In 2021, I plan on using handkerchiefs as they are reusable and therefore create a lot less waste. When I do use tissues, I want to be more careful about disposing of them, used tissues should be composted to ensure proper disposal. To continue, I hope to find more sustainable brands which have recyclable or refillable products such as The Body Shop or Lush. Both these brands are ethically sourced and environmentally and socially conscious of their production. There are also several sustainable products I want to try out such as reusable makeup pads, bamboo toothbrushes and more.


3.      3. Being more involved in Environmental Activism

Making changes in my personal life for the environment has always been easy for me, as I can do it independently. However, I’ve realized that I could be doing more by educating others and fighting against damaging environmental laws. I’m disappointed to say that I’ve only been to one of Greta Thunberg’s Strikes for Climate Change, which is shown in the picture below. Fridays For Future is a student-run movement which encourages others to skip school and demand governmental action for climate change. In the new year, I hope to join more strikes and continue educating others on environmental issues on my personal and public social media accounts such as here on Ecospired. There are so many ways to help the environment such as striking, signing petitions and volunteering, all I wish to participate in.


These are the goals for 2021 that I hope to achieve and which will make me happy doing so. Small changes as the ones I described, can make a significant long-term impact, even if they seem meaningless in the moment. The planet needs every individual to put as much effort as they can in aiding it!

Share some of the sustainability goals you’ve made for the new year below!


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  1. Thanks for reminding us that as individuals we can make changes and must act wisely. There is no excuse to needing so many single used items, no excuses for being cruel towards animals, and absolutely zero excuse for depleting our planet.

  2. So true, for us to cherish something someone else need not perish.

  3. Love these Goals! I'm always looking for ways to be more eco friendly.

  4. These are great tips! remember to take daily steps, make the changes you are making sustainable in your own life too.


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